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Olive's Neverland Playhouse

This playhouse came to be because of the idea I saw on Pinterest. I wanted her bedroom to be her personal wonderland. So I’m going to dive right in and share links to all the things used. Full disclosure, I love to bargain and thrift shop so a lot of the goods I find may not be easily shopped for….

My husband is really handy and loves to build things. His grandfather was actually a carpenter by trade who passed knowledge down to my husband’s father and then to my husband.

The playhouse is designed by Ana White but I discovered via a blogger’s pin.

Blog post I discovered: https://jaimecostiglio.com/diy-indoor-playhouse-over-bed-kids-loft/?home=3733079386

Ana White’s post has step by step instructions. https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/over-bed-indoor-playhouse

Olive helped construct and I supervised as it was built over one weekend. Saturday was mainly prep, cutting all of the wood and Sunday was construction and assembly.

The only change we made from the original plans was omitting one of the walls (the one that faces her window) because I love the natural light of the window I didn’t want to cover it up.

I love the natural wood look so I opted not to paint it. We did paint 3 areas: the floor because plywood is pretty rough and we didn’t want her to get splinters sitting and playing in the house, the side panel with chalkboard paint to write messages, and under the floor black to give the night sky affect.

Then I went crazy decorating it. I found the lights along the top at the 99c store in the seasonal spring/gardening section. I loved them because of the prices obviously (each string of 10 lights was $3.99) but also because they are plastic! So there is no danger of broken glass. I want to add that if you have a 99c store near you, take a stroll through there and you may find some gems. I like to get my prayer candles and other misceaallenous things from there! A rug was my next key piece, I just searched amazon for a 3’x3’ rug and found one. The pillows up in the playhouse I found at Burlington Coat Factory (I rarely go there but it’s right next to my grocery store). What I realized we needed was something to block light from disrupting her sleep. Her bedroom has 2 windows and her door has window panes on it too. With the sun setting so late in the summer and for the days she does nap we needed to darken the room. We have a room darkening shade on the largest window in the room but not the others so my solution was a curtain! I got a small tension rod at Big Lots and the curtain from Target. The curtain was long so it had to be hemmed and one panel was wide enough. I actually made a second shorter curtain with the remaining fabric but I decided to keep it out of the styling.

So now I’ll just list some of the decor pieces that I found here and there.

3x3 rug for inside

Glow in the dark stars

Lights along the top, 99c store seasonal spring section

Plant hanger that acted as a pully; this was a hack, my husband screwed a eyelet into it until he can get an actual pully


Floor Chair

In addition here are two things that really helped my husband John construct her playhouse.

Brad Nailer

Pocket Hole Jig System

There you have it!!! A playhouse fit for a toddler.

Let me know what you think of how it all came out!!!

I appreciate you,


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